My rough studio room plans (warning: contains images)

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My rough studio room plans (warning: contains images)

Postby MarkEdmonds » Mon Feb 23, 2004 8:20 pm

I have knocked up some extremely crude pictures and diagrams to show roughly how I am intending to do my studio room. Please excuse the quality!

Important point to note is that I am not aiming to achieve any form of isolation but am simply treating the room for ER and bass trapping. The room is about 13 foot by 12 foot by 8 foot so no diffusion in the equation.

The Ceiling

This has been alluded to in my thread on extractor fans.

This image shows the current construction (bog standard):


Now how it should look after the work:


Note this image is NOT to scale but it shows the principle. Of course there will be extra left-right structure enhancements but I didn't want to clutter the diagram. Also, the tubing will not run through the joists but will be laid in within the RW3.

OK, moving on to some room photos. These are crap (cheap digital camera) and I scribbled on colour coding to show what treatment is planned.

Red = 100mm RW3 direct on the wall - no air gap.
Blue = 100mm RW3 with 100mm air gap to wall.
Green = corner trapping

Looking across the front wall left to right:


The front wall left to middle:

Image Image

The right hand side of this wall is the same as the left but no door.

Note the arched recesses are currently filled with RW3 to about 14" depth. I am going to apply an even 100mm spread of RW3 on top of this and across the entire wall but no air gap. The entire wall/ceiling juntion will be corner trapped and the vertical wall/walls as well but there is a door in the way on the left.

The left wall has two doors and a radiator in the way. I am going to apply RW3 to the doors and the entire wall space but no air gap due to space restrictions.

Left wall left to right:

Image Image

The rear wall will be another blanket covering of RW3 but this time with a 100mm air gap. Unfortunately, the window gets in the way for trapping the entire vertical and I have a similar problem with the door area. I was thinking of making a wedge shape RW3 fill and mounting it on the door. The window is a good quality double glazed unit. The current curtain is temporary.

Rear wall left to right:

Image Image

The right wall has yet another door.


The right hand side of the right wall can be seen in the rear wall left photo. Again, blanket covering of RW3 and trapping on all 90 degree angles.

The floor is unknown at present. I suspect I am going to have to replace all the floorboards but I don't know whether to leave them bare or carpet tile.

Anyway, that'll do for now. Thank you for reading through this far and any comments at all will be extremely welcome.

The level of construction isn't too bad so I am allowing myself two weeks to strip the room, clean it up and do the work.

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Postby Scott R. Foster » Mon Feb 23, 2004 10:03 pm

Wow that's a lot of rockwool.

How's it sound right now... maybe you're done.
Scott R. Foster
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Postby MarkEdmonds » Tue Feb 24, 2004 9:34 am

Scott - actually it sounds pretty good now! However, there are the usual bass problems in the untreated corners and there is no treatment on the left + right walls plus ceiling. Also, after Paul recommended I swung a mic round whilst playing white noise, it is pretty clear that those areas need treatment.
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