ceiling isolation/panel membrane calc

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ceiling isolation/panel membrane calc

Postby noxix » Fri Oct 22, 2004 4:59 pm

I was doing a search for info on calculating panel/membrane absorber charectertics and I came across my ceiling isolation question posts, noticed it had been ressurected in to a 3 page thread!

Yaknow, always fun to dis the MLV ...

but the point being, guys, I forgot to come by all the boards and say thanks a bundle.

I built my studio, and the ceiling has far exceeded my expectations (or the properties of the doors and windows which circumvent it)

Overall I haven't heard any complaints yet from insane neighbors , and you were all a big help.


-- N

P.S. Can anyone point me to a calculation tool for panel/membrane traps so I don't have to dig Everest out of storage?

And as always, with many thanks to the Unnamed Ventricle
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