When a Direct Field Monitor Has A Front Side Bass Port...

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When a Direct Field Monitor Has A Front Side Bass Port...

Postby Fitz » Wed Dec 22, 2004 1:46 am

Hey All,
I am still hacking away slowly on my project.  The speaker stands will be the first to be made next week.  Solid Maple with plenty of room for sandbags.  (I have no money or trust to do lead, so sandbags it is.)

When measuring my room to see what size equilateral triangle I can create between the near fields and myself, I realized that I might be able to save some room due to the construction of the near fields.  I have a pair of Event 20/20bas nearfields and the bass port is located on the front of the speaker cabinet.  The manual for the speakers allows that the speakers can then be mounted `near a wall'.  That is good, as I can save some room (every inch counts!) but I am unsure how near I can go without causing significant  low end issues.

Can anyone give me a recommended distance from the wall that will do the job?  Should I get some foam / Auralex product / whatever for the front wall behind the speakers?

Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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