Marshall MXL 990 Report

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Marshall MXL 990 Report

Postby Howler » Wed Mar 17, 2004 12:49 am

Went wild and bought a pair of MXL 990s from Musician's Friend for $60 each on closeout. I've had them 2 weeks now, and have tried them out on vocals from varying distances and surprisingly enough, they sound great. None of the expected distortion problems. The mic has a little bit of push from 6K-10K, not much but enough to need about 2db rolloff in mix. The mids are a tiny bit "elastic" is the best way I can describe it, so I ran it through a tube preamp and that took care of that. I use Antares Mic Modeler sometimes, and tried the U47 conversion, and it really sounded nice.

This seems to be a fairly well-built & designed microphone. The shock mount and stand bracket are made from very lightweight metal, so I'm careful about stressing the mount, but other than that, I like the mics. Haven't had the opportunity to use them as overheads on the drum kit, but from every indication they should work well in that application. The mic is extremely sensitive and picks up everything in range from the front. Back side rejection is around 30%. This mic reminds me a little of the U-87. Slightly midrange, but only very slightly. Bottom end supposedly starts dropping off at 35 cycles, but I can't hear that on vocals.

For the money, I believe this is a great backup mic for studios with a full closet of mics, and for a small studio on a budget, an extremely good value and a useful mic.

Took the advice given here by Paul, I believe, and got a Sennheiser E602 for kick.

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