*Weasels Ripped My Studio

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*Weasels Ripped My Studio

Postby Suntower » Mon May 15, 2006 9:11 pm

*OK, it was actually rats.

I have just spend a full day and $100 re-wiring the underside of my house/studio.

Some of you may recall that I spent quite a bit of effort 1-1/2 years ago creating a raceway in the crawl space of my house. I ran data and XLR cables so that I can/could record in pretty much any room in the house, plus it allowed me to move all the CPUs into a separate closet so there are no computer noise issues to consider. Everything is KVR over Ethernet and fibre.

Anyhoo, the reason I mention this is that I developed an infestation of rats in the crawl space and they were actually -eating- many of the cables! 8O I kept wondering why I was getting intermittent errors that got worse and worse until finally -nothing- was working right. HOURS spent barking up the wrong trees! Finally, when my cable TV died (No 'West Wing!' I decided to check under the house.


So I sent the dogs under the house. Fine, that took care of that (although, the feckin' animals didn't bother to actually -dispose- of the bodies---I had to find the corpses a week later by the 'rice krispy' sounds that the maggots make.

Now then, -how- did they get in? I hired a plumber last year to fix a drain that wasn't set at the proper height for gravity to work. (Code violation). The guy simply popped a hole in the side of the house to make 'access' easier and never filled it in! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

So,.... what does this have to do with y'all?

I called the cable company and one of their techs told me something I didn't know: they recommend conduits for all such under-building wiring when it's 'mission critical' simply -because- the rats are ATTRACTED to various high freq emissions from these kinds of signals. The rodents bite into the wire evidently to make it stop.

They're good at it too!

So... my advice? Make sure your wiring ain't where varmints can get in.

Sill I know, but you wouldn't think so if you were in my crawl space.

Hope y'all are well.

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