Acoustic Treatment for Tracking Room

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Acoustic Treatment for Tracking Room

Postby lex » Fri Jul 28, 2006 4:32 pm

Hi everyone.  I have been away for most of the summer but now am back on focus with my little tracking room.

I was hoping some of you could lend some ideas or suggestions to where I should be heading with this design.  Here's what I have done so far.  I'm wondering now if I should focus my treatment on the frequencies with the longest reverberation times or just the axial mode frequencies.  Also, if you find a dip in your room's frequency response should you treat the dip or leave it alone?  For example the 92Hz area dip.  Should I treat that as well or just treat the frequencies with the longest reverberation times?  By treatment I mean designing a panel resonator or slat resonator to deal with it.  I plan on having broadband absorption in the corners.  I have already built many bass hangers and stuffed the old closet area with it.  I can hear the room still requires treatment and can see in my room measurements as well.

I have linked to another forum where I have put all the information, graphs, and measurements.  You can reply here or there, I will see and reply to it either way.  Thanks very much.
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