SBIR with Subwoofer

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SBIR with Subwoofer

Postby Bob » Tue Nov 21, 2006 4:47 pm

Probably a little less useful here vs Home Theatre, but I thought this was well said

However, when using professional loudspeakers, broadband absorption behind the speaker can be useful. First you would have to engage the acoustic space switch for placement near a wall. Doing so rolls off the bass for a flat response. The 1/4 wavelength from the loudspeaker face to the wall behind is small enough that the SBIR frequency of relevance will be both more directional, (and therefore will not radiate rearwards to the same extent as deeper bass) and the little that will radiate is within the performance frequency range of the broadband absorber being used.

In order to minimize SBIR with a regular consumer loudspeaker, one can use a sub with the crossover engaged (80 to 90 Hz) and place the loudspeaker 4 feet or more out into the room. The SBIR frequency in question will then be low enough that the processor would have handed over that job from the loudspeaker to the subwoofer.

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