New members will now be admin approved to cut down on spam

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New members will now be admin approved to cut down on spam

Postby Dan Nelson » Thu Nov 30, 2006 5:06 am

If you just signed to the forum it may take up to a day to be approved to be an active member. If you do not get approved we may have thought you were a spammer. Try again. Real names work best and your email address must be valid. Your email address never leaves this server and is not viewable by anyone but 2 admins.

It is getting to the point that all forums will become private, just as when the spammers flooded usenet with garbage, everyone went to using mailing lists and forums. Then when everything is private it will become very difficult to access information again. Laws need to be changed to go after this scum to take everything they have, to pay all the time they steal from everyone, the countries that don't put a stop to this should be dropped off the net.

Dan Nelson
Dan Nelson
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