Some small non important thing (made me smile anyway)

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Some small non important thing (made me smile anyway)

Postby Trip- » Wed Feb 28, 2007 6:46 am

Yesterday I was sitting at the table and was tapping my fingernails.
Those were some hard loud taps using 2 fingers.

At first I wasn't paying attention to this, but then it caught my ear - every tap sounded different - phase different.
The very known phaser effect was coming out from my fingernails.
I was happy to aknowledge how easy it was to demonstrate to myself the difference between tapping one fingernail - which sounded pretty regular at each tap, and tapping 2 fingernails at once - which introduced the difference.

I also tried to tap both fingers at the same time exactly - no can do I guess.

Just wanted to share my genious insights about finger tapping...:)
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