How to build a concrete block wall in a basement

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How to build a concrete block wall in a basement

Postby Bob » Fri Sep 14, 2007 7:41 am

I always wondered how to build a block wall in a basement -- specifically how to do the top two inches.
Turns out it's easy.

Step1, put 2x6's on the bottom of the joists above where the walls are going to go. So the 2" high side is on the vertical, and the 5.5" wide side is horizontal.
Step 2, build the walls from concrete block and grout same as usual. You might need to put in better footings than just the slab to take the weight. You might want to fill the blocks with grout too.
Step 3, now that the concrete block is about 3/4" below the 2x6, use a cake icing cone full of non-shrinkable grout, and fill the gap between the top of the wall and the 2x6 -- as far back as you can get and 5 to 6 inches back is about as far back as you can get into a 3/4" hole.

That's it. It's easy when you've seen somebody do it.
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