How to Become a Registered Member

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How to Become a Registered Member

Postby Scott R. Foster » Wed Sep 26, 2007 1:38 am

We have implemented a number of anti-spam measures which could make registration difficult.

If you have any problems please send me an email to the throw-away address listed below with a very short description of your interest in our forum and the user name you are attempting to register.

scottrfoster "at" gmail "dot" com

Thank you,

If you get an "email is banned message" on sign up chances are the domain is not allowed. Most of the free web mail services are not allowed ie: hotmail, gmail and so on. For every real person that signs up on those accounts we get 800-900 spammer sign ups. Please use a "real" company or personal email account when registering. The email addresses used for signing up never leave the forum and are not used for any purpose other than to receive messages from the forum and only then if you have this feature turned on
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