A DIY "Poly" Diffuser Array

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Postby MTB Vince » Sun Jun 01, 2008 9:22 pm

The system can play at louder volumes without the sound becoming "cluttered". The soundstage which is quite holographic most of the time, holds together at higher volumes as well. Finally some higher frequency harshness seems to have evaporated without having to have made the room any deader sounding. All the higher frequency ringing in the form of a rather obnoxious slap echo is completely gone. I really need to set myself up to run REW to do some waterfalls and look at RT60. That'll be my next project. Ultimately I may replace a couple of my 4'x2' wall mounted absorbers, those that weren't at primary reflection points, with 4'x2' Polys to "liven" up the room a little further.

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