Front wall and ceiling experiment

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Front wall and ceiling experiment

Postby Z33 » Sun May 18, 2008 5:44 pm

I've just relocated my studio into a small room of the house that is 13'x11'x'8'.  On the front wall, infront of my 6' wide desk I've decided to try something unsual.  We made 6 custom panels, each one 5' x 2'.  Heavy cotton(denim-like)fabric was stretched over stretcher bar and framed.  The are going to be fixed to the front wall horizontally and placed one above the next starting from 36" from the ground.  As they ascend they will also be suspended by a D-ring and wire system that allows the panels to form a curvature away from the wall that ultimately ends in a cloud.  Kind of like being inside a roller desk.  Each panel is lined with 703.    On the right wall and back wall there will be hung a 4' x 4' panel made from the same material.  There are corner windows on the left/back wall covered with heavy drapes. Gonna test it out tonight to see how it sounds.  Any predictions on the results?
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