Using EPS for slat helmholtz absorber?

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Using EPS for slat helmholtz absorber?

Postby Joka » Sun Dec 14, 2008 12:40 pm


I am finishing the acoustics of my new studio and after the measurements I decided to lower my celling building a slat helmholtz absorber to kill the 60Hz peak I have. Because I never planned lowered celling I didn't make strong construction that can support it. So I am trying to find lighter materials to do it.

Is it possible to use EPS(expanded polystyrene) for making the slat absorbers?

In the theoretical readings that I could find, the mass and the density of materials used for slats is never mentioned as an issue. Mainly the absorption frequency is described as dependent of acoustic mass in this case air entrapped in the holes between and the slats and the depth of the cavity behind the slats and the percentage of the holes area.

So if anyone has an idea or experiance why should I or should I not use EPS for building a slat helmholtz absorber please let me know.

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