Weird Shaped Room

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Weird Shaped Room

Postby Gus Mantovani » Mon Jan 05, 2009 10:39 pm

I know some talk was brought up about non-rectangle rooms, but I still didn´t get any complete or at least reasonable answer for that doubt of mine. Has anybody read or heard some concrete definition and theory on how to work with spaces like that? I´m sending some drawings (that I hope Scott will convert and add up to my thread) to make it easier to understand the "size" of my problem. I´m also worried about the position of my monitors...I know the right side is too close to the wall. Will I have to rethink that? What would be a suggestion...I know the room is REALLY different from what we all see around, but that´s what I have right now. Any help will be appreciated guys. I´m having some acoustic foam shipped and would really like to know that to do with the room before I work with the foam.

Thanks a lot!

Cheers from Brasil


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