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Help Using the WayBack Machine

Postby Dr. Bob » Thu Sep 17, 2009 4:23 pm

I'm new under this account, but I watched Paul with his incredible build as he built it. His build actually inspired me to don my tin foil hat, put my head down and run squarely into the wall as hard as I possibly could anyway! :bang :bang :bang :bang :bang :bang

You're more than welcome to drop by the digs and critique, find fault and generally see what's what. Unfortunately, just as Paul had little help with the bomb shelter, so as did I. Except I got a few more doors... yeah... I know two sag, but at this stage... I'm happy they close and they're even up! Rod "helped" me put the place together. <snork>

Hell, Letts face it, Rod fixed a BUNCH of my screw ups. :D But please, feel free stop by and lemme know whatcha' thunk... (It's a long blog... about 5 years worth of build...)

Enough of the boring rant... The real question I'm having a problem with is with the search engine...

Back about the time Paul was putting up his door, someone was discussing the Mass-Air-Mass model and someone at one of the universities in Europe put together a web java animation that showed 1, 2, 3, 4 and I believe a 5 leaf "spring and mass", illustrations.

It was one of the single best illustrations of the overall concept of isolation. I believe it had more of an application in vibration damping in conveyor systems?? Maybe??? However, the energy transference principals of damping at different frequencies was explicitly addressed.

I do seem to recall that the author was not involved with acoustics per se'. And I want to say that the language was either Dutch or German, but I could be completely wrong.

I'll slip someone (Mr. Peabody, if you will) $1 in their paypal account if they can show me how use the search engine/WayBack Machine to dig through posts correctly, to try and recover that link.

The problem is getting a solid search narrowed to that time frame. I can get recent posts easier than past.


Thanks for your time!
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