Virtually changing the playback room dimension

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Virtually changing the playback room dimension

Postby syntheticwave » Sun Sep 27, 2009 1:39 pm


small room acoustics is a problem sometimes. Let my tell about approach for fake large recording rooms in small playback rooms.

The main problem the too early first reflections at home in this matter. That seems unavoidable for single loudspeakers. But if many of them work together in a synthesis, we can fake the detours of a large room. The directive effect of the huge resulting diaphragm avoid supply the playback room mirror sources by energy. Instead new early reflections becomes radiate directed in the playback room walls direction. Such wave fronts can fake the recording room reflections by means of playback room reflections in time, level and direction.
The procedure is based on wave field synthesis principle, described on The "Holophony" principle isnt realised in practise until, but should such approach of inerest in future?

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