living room acoustics

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living room acoustics

Postby seed7 » Mon Oct 05, 2009 8:11 pm


after a complete restructuring of the house, time has come to deal with the acoustics of our living space (image below). The problem here is as with most modern (European) housing, hard non absorbent materials all over. A polished concrete floor, brick / plaster walls, glass and a brick ceiling.

The room is relative big, the brown and green areas are one room, with a equipment room (machinekamer 2m20cm high) in the middle. The room is 3m20cm high. Estetics is important to us, so there is very little room for acoustic treatments on walls. Also, in some areas, it would interfere with the wall heating system (no super chunks :( ). Luckily the ceiling can/will be lowered. 25 - 30 cm in the green area and in the brown area about 10 - 15 cm (actually there are three rectangular areas in the brown section, each could separately be lowered by 30 cm if really needed). There we can stuff in a lot of absorbent material.

The idea is to stick absorbent material (semi rigid rockwool 221: 50 kg/m3) to the ceilings and the cover the whole thing up with cold stretched ceiling (PU coated polyester textile, micro perforated, 250.000 perforations m2). The guys that install this kind of ceiling normally use 3 or 6 cm of polyester wadding for acoustic treatment. Measurements from their leaflet:

Hz 30mm 60 mm
100 0.03 0.10
125 0.06 0.18
160 0.09 0.36
200 0.16 0.54
250 0.24 0.69
315 0.49 0.94
400 0.73 0.89
500 0.97 0.90
630 0.90 0.78
800 0.79 0.71
1000 0.66 0.65
1250 0.55 0.57
1600 0.44 0.48
2000 0.38 0.41
2500 0.34 0.35
3150 0.29 0.29

-- Is the decrease of the efficiency in the higher frequencies a result of the cloth?

As the room is very reverberant, a hand clap seems to last for at least 2 seconds I have the feeling this is not enough, especially not on the lower side of the spectrum. So my initial idea was to cover all the green part of the ceiling with about 20 cm of rockwool and all of the brown part with about 10 cm. Too much, too little??

The goal, good speech intelligibility in the brown area (living/ dining/ kitchen area). In the green area there will be a small HT set-up, so I would like a better acoustics towards the lower end there.

I hope to get some measurement equipment soon and post some (REW) graphs here, but before that I'd like to know whether I'm on the right track?


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