Acoustic Material Supply in Los Angeles?

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Acoustic Material Supply in Los Angeles?

Postby mbesq » Sat Nov 28, 2009 9:10 pm

I'm building a room within an existing room and am looking for a good supplier of either Thermafiber SAFB, or Roxul Safen'Sound in the LA area.

My impression is that the price of stuff like this can vary dramatically from one supplier to another.

Thermafiber looks slightly better for my application because it comes in 4" x 16" oc and 6" x 24" oc, both of which I need.

Also has anyone had experience with the slightly oversized SAFB that is scored, bent and wedged into the cavity? It looks promising but possibly requires access from both sides of the stud, which I won't have.

Also looking for Green Glue, Green Glue clips, hat channel, acoustic caulk, putty pads for electrical boxes.

I did find a supplier of neoprene pad to go under stud plates if anyone needs it.


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