Membranes, Underlays, Barrier Matts etc. for floor SPing??

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Membranes, Underlays, Barrier Matts etc. for floor SPing??

Postby Max Dread » Tue Jun 08, 2010 10:31 pm


I've posted recently about doing something to the chipboard floors in my new house before carpets are laid next week. I need to go for a quick and cheapish solution and am aiming to reduce rather than eliminate the noise from both my music and footfalls. Nothing louder will be in the room than monitoring levels.

I was originally just going for a layer of fibreboard across the floor, followed by a decent underlay. But I've been looking at another couple of options tonight and wondered if anyone could provide some feedback as to how effective either would be compared to putting down basic fibreboard and underlay as originally intended?

1. Quietfloor PLUS

Cost approx.: £350

2. A layer of Tecsound T50 High Performance Acoustic Membrane
See: ... ng/t60.htm

....followed by a layer of Acoustic Underlay
See: ... ng/t60.htm

....followed by the underlay my carpet fitter is putting down (which is called "Pinnacle" apparently and is the best one he uses).

Cost approx.: £200

Sorry to keep going on about all this! Once the carpet man has been next week I promise to pipe down! And thanks for all the help and support.

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