Help needed on Room treatment

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Help needed on Room treatment

Postby pdhanwada » Fri Sep 03, 2010 4:27 pm

Purpose of the Room: Mostly to Two channel Music listening and occasionally for Movies.

Size of the room : 17'' X 12'' 4' X 9''

All the three windows are starting at 26 in from the floor rising for 4.5 ft. The front wall window is not symmetrical to sidewalls. So I need to cover it and do acoustic treatment as mentioned in the plan or may be little less. Suggest me. All of them will be closed with ply.

I will be placing two super chunks of 24 in face width on the two front wall corners. The super chunk on the back corner will be of 18 in face width. On the other corner As I have a door, I cannot place it. ONly thing I plan to do there is Place a superchunk starting at the height of door and rising until the ceiling.

I have 4 in broad band absorbers hanging 2 in away from the wall on the side walls. I plan to do the same on the back wall too. If space is a issue I will stick it on to the wall for the panel on the back wall.

Problems I have:

1. My REL subwoofer recommends that the SUbwoofer be placed on the corner of the room. All these days I had placed it on the corner with no room treatment It is doing great. I tried earlier to place it closer to the center. It did not sound so good. So immediatetly I moved it back to the corner. Because of the sub can I start the super chunk at the 26' mark and make it rise until the ceiling or should I have superchunk start from floor to the ceiling moving the sub little bit out of the corner as shown in the figure.

2. What kind of impact do these wooden/ply doors have on the sound. I have two in all. I am ok with sound going seeping out of the room thru the doors as it is on the top of the building with no disturbance from neighbours. Do I need to do anything on this front.

3. I am planning to place 4.5 X 6 ft panels on the side walls to treat the first reflection points. Is this enough.

4. My Rack is 7 ft long right behind my front speakers. It will be rising till 26 in. My woofer of the Mains starts at 28 in. My rack will be made of plyboard with veneer coverd over it with glass doors. Does this rack puts the sound stage out of whack. I am getting this one made as of now I dont have it. DOes the bass frequencies from my REL subwoofer get impacted by my HT RACK. Unfortunately I live where there is lot of dust so I need to have doors and have enclosed RACK not an open rack. I am worried about the rack as it could impact the sound.

Let me know your opinion.
My HT plan
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