Background Distortion or Normal?

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Background Distortion or Normal?

Postby alan » Fri Oct 29, 2010 11:21 pm

Hi all,

I'm doing some tests before I set up for recording. This is a home studio. I've turned off major appliances (all but refrigerator downstairs), turned off lights, put the computer and mixer on a separate circuit from my recording gear. My computer uses no fans and the OS is on a SSD. This means my computer is perfectly silent, solid state.

All my recording gear is plugged into a Furman Power Conditioner IT 20 series II (Surge protector, conditioner). My computer and mixer are in the hall plugged into a separate circuit as a precaution. I did do some tests and recordings to compare. Can't say I hear much difference honestly from taking this precaution. I have tested the ground in this room, especially the outlet where the Furman is plugged in. It's well grounded.

I was trying to eliminate as much background noise as possible. Given I won't be able to eliminate all the background radiation or noise I'd like to at least eliminate the noise I can prevent that is either interference from gear setup or electrical problems such as ground loops. Not sure what other problems I should be on the look out for, and what other measures I should be taking so I'd like some advice from more experienced people here please.

I've recorded a sample. Could you please listen to the sample and tell me if you hear unusual distortion out of the norm? I hear something that doesn't sound like the normal background radiation. Perhaps I'm being too picky but I'd like to eliminate as much needless noise as I can before I begin my recording project. Do you hear/see it too in an editor? It's very slight but when you turn up the volume its very distinct.

Does that sound normal to you or do you think it's some interference that can be eliminated? I'd appreciate some advice suggestions to eliminate the noise if I can. Thank you.
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