New apartment, 1 wall needs to be soundproofed, little space

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New apartment, 1 wall needs to be soundproofed, little space

Postby soulgolem » Wed Nov 24, 2010 12:48 am

Hello all ! I'm very new here, and new to the world of soundproofing, I spent a lot of days on forum research before posting here and now I just need to cover specifics.

Here is a drawing of what the apartment I just moved in looks like, I chose this one in particular because of many reasons, but the most important one being that I intend to make music (jams, record music, mixing projects) and the room that will serve this purpose in not adjacent to any neighbors, downstairs being a business closed on evenings and the outside world + other apartment rooms on other sides.

The living room and kitchen are one big room only separated by a little corner.


I also intend to throw the occasional party in the living room and enjoy movies with considerate volume and don't want to disturb the neighbors at night so I will be covering the music room and living room with acoustic panels to attenuate echos and unwanted reverberation, I'm hoping this will help reduce volume in the apartment.

After reading a lot about soundproofing, I realize this will not be enough so I'm considering soundproofing the living room wall (Wall (A)) that is adjacent to the neighbor's master bedroom. The windows in the living room extend all the way from one wall to the other, so I only have about 3/4 of an inch that I can use to add mass to the wall before getting onto the windows' frames. I also cannot open the wall and place mineral wool or fiberglass in between the wall studs so I'm hoping there's already something there to help with that.

Considering all this, here is what I thought of doing to help with the situation :

1 - Get green glue and add another layer of drywall on top of the existing one
2 - Since I won't have space left to add any other layer of mass because of the window frames, I thought of covering the entire wall surface with 2" Roxul Rockboard 40 mineral wool and just covering the whole thing with a big blanket, would that help at all ? if so how much worth ?

Since I'm mostly concerned with low frequencies, I know rockboard 60 or 80 would be more appropriate, but it is much more expensive, I could go for it if it'd really make the difference but I'm just not sure with the whole concept of a wall of mineral wool, it's the only extra thing I can think of anyway because of the window frames limitation.

3 - maybe a layer of exposed thin mass loaded vinyl in between the roxul and the new drywall ? (it's getting really costly now).

In summary it'd go like this : sound -> layer of rockboard -> new drywall -> green glue -> old drywall -> whatever's inside with the studs -> neighbor's drywall -> neighbor's bedroom.

I understand that complete soundproofing is not possible with this setup, but what can I expect from this ?

I would really appreciate any knowledge and opinions on my project, so please let me know all your thoughts.
Thank you so much.
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Re: New apartment, 1 wall needs to be soundproofed, little s

Postby seb » Wed Nov 24, 2010 12:57 pm

depends on what the current wall is. In general, the more mass and damping you add the better. adding Rockwool to the outside of the wall will do nothing for soundproofing, it will only reduce reverberation in the room. I'd be worried about:

1. Noise out the living room windows and into the neighbour's windows.
2. Noise from your music room travelling up through the ceiling
3. Noise from your music room travelling down through the floor

The fact is that apartment living has many compromises. Keeping the noise level down is one of them.
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