producing ' studio' in loft?

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producing ' studio' in loft?

Postby cherevo » Sat Dec 25, 2010 12:54 pm

Hi folks,

Merry Christmas first of all!

I currently live in a rental house which has a pretty large loft. It's the only room in the house available for producing and mixing computermusic. I'm planning to use it for that purpose.

The walls in the front and the back are made of brick. Beneath the rooftiles a wooden construction is covered with woodfibre plates faced at the inside of the room. These plates absorb sound pretty well. It already sounds like this room has a short reverbtail. The two open closets are moveable, the alternative place is in the back of the room, at the studio side.

I'm aware of the triangular shape of the room and I know this is not an ideal place. Despite this disadvantage i would like to make the best of it. But I don't know where to start. What is the best listening position in this situation? How about absorption placement in this type of room?

My idea is to place superchunks in all corners, especially in the ceiling. I would like to cover the back wall with very thick absorbent material to prevent reflections from the back. After that i would like to place panels on the side of the listening position to treat early reflection-issues.

I'm willing to do some convincing changes, as long as I can turn it back later on.

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