Vaulted ceilings/restricted headroom in a studio... Bad?

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Vaulted ceilings/restricted headroom in a studio... Bad?

Postby Max Dread » Fri Mar 09, 2018 7:14 pm

Hi all

I'm looking to buy a new house soon, and I'll likely have one of two options for a music room: a garage/outbuilding of some sort, or a spare room. The former I have already posted about. The latter seems to quite often be a bedroom with a vaulted ceiling in the types of houses we are looking at. Well, I *think* vaulted ceiling is the right term. I mean an angled ceiling, usually with exposed beams, and usually with restricted headroom at the walls where the ceiling starts to angle. Please correct me if that's the wrong term....

Generally speaking, are such rooms good or bad for studios / listening environments? I can see a potential benefit in less reflective surfaces. But on the other hand, bass traps might have to be smaller, and reflections points might be tougher to calculate.

I'd be most interested to hear people's thoughts on this. What's the theory and does anyone have any experience from having such rooms?

Huge thanks :)
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