"resonant panel"

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"resonant panel"

Postby victordelgado » Sat Feb 02, 2019 5:12 am

hello friends, I'm new to the forum looking for a lot of information through the internet I found this page and with a very important information for me that is this "resonant panel", I have 2 years working on the sound of my studio and trial and trial error and got an acceptable result, now my studio has gik bass traps, soffits in the corners and some traps made by me, despite all my attempts and playing with many positions I still have a hole in 110 hz, and in this page I found this information to make resonant panel with absorption peaks in this frequencies, and I will start my construction process, my serious question is there any way to know more how to make this panel but for a specific frequency in my studio? suppose 50hz? or can you give me some additional information for the panel at 110? I attach the information I found on this website and the image

Low Frequency Absorbers

A resonant panel or diaphragmatic absorber is used to absorb low frequencies. They work by vibrating at these low frequencies and turning the sound energy into heat. The drywall in wall construction acts as a resonant panel and absorbs a considerable amount of bass. If you a ever been in a empty masonry or concrete room you might have noticed the amount of bass build up when you try to talk in the room. Compare that to an empty room in the average house with sheetrock walls there will be some reverb but the bass build up like in the concrete room. When you calculate the acoustic absorption of the room remember to account for the bass absorption of the drywall.

The simple way to build a resonant absorber is to mount panel on a 2 by 4 frame with fiberglass batt (R11) or 703 inside of it. If you use 703 leave at least a 1/4" space between the panel and the fiberglass or else the panel won't be able to resonant properly.

Approximate Plywood Panel absorption peaks on a 2 by 4 frame 3.5 " deep
1/8" = 150 Hz
1/4" = 110 Hz
3/8" = 87 HZ

You can also build them into the corners of the room which will give a variable depth increasing the bandwidth of the absorption.
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Re: "resonant panel"

Postby bert stoltenborg » Tue Feb 12, 2019 9:55 am

Isn't it a bounce of the desk or another reflection?
Making panels won't help then.
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