Congratulations Giedo

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Congratulations Giedo

Postby Eric.Desart » Mon May 24, 2004 10:17 am

Hi all,

Some time ago, Guido (one of our members) informed me of a television program to come.

For whatever reason, I missed the Email and the program and forgot about it.
1000 times sorry Giedo for that (looks disrespectful I know, just assign it to my hopeless distracted mind).

This morning a program was broadcasted about acoustics.
Giedo Van Pelicom was explaining silencers.

The program is "Jongens and Wetenschappen" translated: "Boys and Science".
So Guido was on our Flemish television explaining sound, silencers and more.
The program was re-broadcasted this morning.

Not just anybody our members here :):):)

Congratulations Guido.
And sorry I forgot.

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