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email digests

Postby Dan Nelson » Sun Jun 27, 2004 8:58 pm

I now have digests working, however they are somewhat buggy. There are some features I would like to have, like to be able to limit which forums will send a digest . For example I would not like the archives to be sent since as they are being rebuilt you could receive a few hundred messages that day. The text only version has some bugs as well it is not stripping out the html correctly. I know many of you have been waiting many months for digests and or email mesages posting. So I have set up the digests to be sent to the which wants the text only digest so it has some html tags left in it, which makes it harder to read. I have also set up a group on msn that accepts the html version so it is cleaner, however it to has some formating bugs at times.

I hope to open up the real digests to everyone in a month or two.

Dan Nelson
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