Is USG Thermalfiber equivalent to OC 703??????

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Is USG Thermalfiber equivalent to OC 703??????

Postby jugular » Thu Jul 22, 2004 4:09 pm

Trying to treat a "cube" from Hell. Distributer in my area has OC 703 2" unbacked at 1.70 a square foot. To do what I want, at 4" thick, it'll cost me too much. Distrib is recommending USG 4lb, 4" "Thermalfiber", says it's comparable to OC703...and it's HALF the price of the OC703.
Whaddya think????? If I go to the wharehouse and it looks the same, feels the same, has the same lb rating, and smells the same (that's the most important aspect..heh, heh.), should I go for it?
Thanks for any replies...
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Postby avare » Thu Jul 22, 2004 4:32 pm

Try reading the reply you have on RO to your question.

We do not know the details of what the pricing and availability is in your area. Use a phone. You have all the data from the other post, including Bob's excelent site, Shop around. One company may be expensive, and another dirt cheap. If you find a product with acoustical data and it is not on Bob's list, please let him know about it. He will add it to his (excellent) list,

Good luck!
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