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Slat wall

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From: "Kuczkowski, Jim" <Jim.Kuczkowski@s...>
Date: Tue Jan 18, 2000 5:17 pm
Subject: Slat wall

Hey folks, not sure if anyone will have an answer to this question, but
here goes:
My studio was built mainly from materials we came across cheap or free.
We lucked into a situation where an old record store was being torn down and
the owner told us to take what we wanted. We gutted the place. The main
building material we acquired was slat-wall---that stuff that stores use to
hang items on walls. You know the stuff, typical retail store crap. MARS
uses a variation with double-tall slats on which they hang their guitars.
We have the typical pressed-board variety w/slat-faces aprox. five inches
tall. We acquired about 70 4X8 sheets of the stuff, so naturally our place
is covered in the stuff.
This material is not listed on any absorption or stc tables that I have
seen. Anyone know where I could find specs on them? I believe the slats
are acting sort of like resonators. Although we have never done scientific
tests, we don't seem to have any of the typical build-up in the
low-mids--especially in the live room which is rather large.
I'm happy with what is going on, but wish I knew more of a reason why.

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