Ventilation Plenum

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Ventilation Plenum

Postby archive » Mon Apr 12, 2004 4:36 am

From: perrault@i... (David Perrault)
Date: Fri Feb 4, 2000 11:01 am
Subject: Ventilation Plenum

>Your description is a little fuzzy. How about a drawing?
>Matt Spransy

What's fuzzy about a six foot high box that's a foot deep and four
feet wide?!?

Put a hole at the top and one at the bottom. One on the studio side,
one on the outside. Opposite corners. Baffles extend about two thirds
of the way across the width to force the flow into an S like flow.
Hey, it's really just a big duct made out of wood. Not very abstract,
or fuzzy.

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