What organization of wall layers absorbs the most low freque

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What organization of wall layers absorbs the most low freque

Postby archive » Wed Mar 31, 2004 4:12 am

From: David Chertock <ap412@l...>
Date: Sun Jan 21, 2001 12:03 am
Subject: What organization of wall layers absorbs the most low frequencies?

Sorry for the delay in responding. Something funky is going on with my
email. I got acoustics digest 291 and then 295.

Steve wrote:

> >2. stud/resilient channel/drywall/drywall
> a good sound barrier + slight movement of the wall,
adding a tad of absorbtion

The studio designer I consulted with likes this.

> >3. stud/drywall/resilient channel/drywall
> barrier, and diaphram. I would think less of this, but i've seen others
> swear by it.

Has anyone out there tried this? The drywall contractor (who has build
many studios) likes this.

> >4. stud/drywall/soundboard/drywall
> stiffened barrier. also excellent
> Personally, i'd recommend this one.
> but what others will say remains to be seen.

Steve, thanks for your opinions. Why do you prefer this option? Last
week, I visited a studio that the drywall contractor was in the middle
of building. In the same complex, I visited a studio that the
contractor had done a couple of years ago. Both were built with what
Jeff Cooper calls the "resilient sandwich"; stud/drywall/soundboard/drywall.

Does anyone out there have any other opinions?

> Wishing you the sweet sound of success :-)

Thanks, but please make that the sweet silence of success!

Scott R. Foster wrote:

> I think I remember your design .. upside down "V" shape ... vocal booth left,
> sound lock on the right???

Hey Scott!
Ya, thats me.

> FWIW I'd skip the conclusions (if any) of the thread in question as it
> pertains to a built from scratch wall system. If I understand correctly you
> have an existing common wall

No. The garage is free standing and the closest neighbor is about 50'
away (thats a guesstimate). The next one's probably about 75'-80'.

> and a reasonable budget.

You could say that, but actually it seems pretty unreasonable to me. On
the other hand, the extra bedroom that is now my studio wasn't exactlty free.

Anybody else have their vote on what absorbs more low frequency:
stud/drywall/soundboard/drywall, stud/resilient channel/drywall/drywall,
or stud/drywall/resilient channel/drywall?

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