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Links collections

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Links collections

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> World Wide Pro Audio Directory
An incredible huge, extremely organised Netherlands (English language) link list to lots of Audio/Studio related toppics

Acoustics & Vibrations
The spectrum of acoustics and vibrations is wide: Audio, Noise control (passive and active), Measurement and testing, Design, Musical acoustics and lutherie, Sonar (airborne, underwater), Ultrasound, Training, Architectural acoustics. This site includes MANY things.. - Very good site for general acoustics
This website has been created as a general resource in acoustics. On the one hand we have the production of good sound quality in musical instruments and audio equipment. On the other hand we need to develop methods of reducing the noise produced by machinery and vehicles for example.

Audio Links pages 1 to 8
A huge collection of links, collected by Eberhard Sengpiel. Lots in the German language, but also the English will find a huge amount of data. Translation: weiter = next; zurück = back; startseite = start page. Eberhard Sengpiel is lecturer in the Art University of Berlin - Germany.

Audio Tools
A HUGE amount of links to Manufacturers, Distributors, Record Labels, Audio Companies. Must be a hell of a job to maintain this site.

Brought to you by the "Original" Noise-Busters.
Here's a few Audio, Video and Home Theater sites. 120 sites updated May 23, 2001, if we ever find the time we'll post some brief reviews.

A bunc of links related to audio acoustics, equipment and more

A huge collection of links to other acoustic sites, suppliers, articles, consultants, FAQ's and more

A huge collection of links to other sites with DIY projects/calculations and much more.

NPC - The Noise Pollution Clearinghouse
"Good neighbors keep their noise to themselves." The Noise Pollution Clearinghouse is a national non-profit organization with extensive online noise related resources.

NVH material
Welcome to the Best Web Page for complete links to information and websites around the world for materials that affect Noise, Vibration, and Harshness (NVH) performance. You will find lots of things as acoustic materials, suppliers, software, test equipment and more.

PC soundcard page
A very interesting Page related to all kinds of software for testing, music testreports and much more related to the optimum use of the soundcard.

THE VIRTUAL TIMES: Audio and Acoustic Links
All of the internet sites and newsgroups dealing with Audio and/or Acoustics

The "Original" Noise-Busters, Acoustical Links Page.
We are now the largest independent acoustical links site on the Internet. There are "633" links to www sites of consultants, manufacturers and distributors of various acoustical products and services.
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