Other articles/sites about Room Acoustic/Studios

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Other articles/sites about Room Acoustic/Studios

Postby Dan Nelson » Wed Mar 10, 2004 4:59 am

Other articles/sites about Room Acoustic/Studios

A very good site to study
Definitions and Concepts: Architectural Acoustics, Noise Control, Architectural Lighting and Stereo Systems.

ATTACK Wall from Acoustic Sciences Corporation
A Seminar presented by Arthur M. Noxon, PE, President of Acoustic Sciences Corporation, at the Surround 2001 International Conference And Technology Showcase, December 7th - 8th, 2001, Beverly Hills, California.

Acoustics 101
Practical Guidelines For Building a Sound Studio, Listening Room & More! By Eric Smith, Founder & President ("Fearless Leader") Auralex Acoustics Inc.

Classroom Acoustics
An extensive article about the current situation in the US related to classroom acoustics. The document is downloadable as booklet in .pdf

LINKWITZ LAB - Room acoustics
General info related to speakers, RT60, Critical Distance (Room Radius), Standing waves, Room modes etc. Not too complex but good. Includes references to other docs and bying a 20 $ test CD.

McSquared System Design Group, Inc
This site contains a lot of interesting stuff to read. It also includes several Jave script calculators. Sound and other examples (Audio files). (note the calculators on the site have some limitations)

Noise Pollution Clearinghouse
The Noise Pollution Clearinghouse is a national non-profit organization with extensive online noise related resources.

Quiet Classrooms
The Classroom Acoustics Coalition provides important background on the nature and scope of the problems caused by bad acoustics in classrooms, and offers practical planning strategies and methods to avoid or correct bad acoustics in existing or planned educational facilities.
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