Practical Studio Soundproofing & Acoustic Treatment

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Practical Studio Soundproofing & Acoustic Treatment

Postby Dan Nelson » Wed Mar 10, 2004 5:01 am

Practical Studio Soundproofing & Acoustic Treatment

Practical Studio Soundproofing: Part 1
Waking up the neighbours with the latest turbo folk masterpiece is a major concern for many project studio owners. Paul White explains that monitoring with headphones and moving house are not the only solutions... ... ofing.html

Practical Studio Soundproofing: Part 2
Doors & Windows. No matter how thick and heavy the walls of a studio, it will still leak sound if the doors and windows are not up to scratch. Paul White explains how you can uprate them without breaking the bank. ... ofing.html

Practical Studio Soundproofing: Part 3
Part 3: walls, floors and ceilings. If you're serious about cutting noise from your studio, you'll have to explore the mysteries of studding and neoprene rubber. Paul White explains that it's not quite as exciting as it sounds... ... ofing.html

Practical Studio Soundproofing: Part 4
If you have the space, the time and the money, the best sound isolation can be achieved by building a room within a room. Paul White explains what's involved. ... ofing.html

Practical Acoustic Treatment: Part 1
PART 1: PAUL WHITE examines the basic principles of acoustic treatment in order to help you improve your recording and monitoring environment. ... tics1.html

Practical Acoustic Treatment: Part 2
PART 2: In his second article on acoustic treatment, PAUL WHITE tackles the absorbing subject of acoustic traps. ... ustic.html

Practical Acoustic Treatment: Part 3
PART 3: PAUL WHITE looks at how you can calculate how much studio acoustic treatment you really need. ... tic_3.html

Practical Acoustic Treatment: Part 4
PART 4: Continuing his quest for the perfect listening environment, PAUL WHITE looks at ways to treat a control room without having to bring in the builders. ... stics.html

Practical Acoustic Treatment: Part 5
Part 5 (last part): Paul White sums up the key stages of designing a project studio and touches on the subject of air conditioning. ... ustic5.htm
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