Tube Traps/diagonal absorbers

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Tube Traps/diagonal absorbers

Postby Dan Nelson » Wed Mar 10, 2004 5:18 am

Tube Traps/diagonal absorbers (In US tubular absorbers are known as tube traps)

G+H (European Company) - SONO-R
Some documents are shown related to their Tubular absorbers from their Dutch subsidiary.

John Gale's Home Page
Some DIY project (Tubular absorberss + other stuff)

    John Gale's Home Page
    A nice site with several DIY projects and more

    Tube Trap - a DIY project
    Well, I have finally done it. Here is *the* DIY cylindrical bass absorber project I have been threatening for quite a while. It is actually very simple to make, and very cost effective as you will find out.

Jon Risch's Web Site
Acoustic Treatments Page. In cludes DIY Tube Traps

Related 'Tube Trap' US patents
OLSON & NOXON (ASC) patents

Some Pictures/Drawings

A theory and placement article
Note that the site page states: ©1996-99 Acoustic Sciences Corporation. All Rights Reserved. This suggest that the article (or major part of its contents) originates from the sellers of the tube trap

Art Ludwig's music room
This page refers sideways to tube traps

CONWED designscape: An Owens Corner Company
Respond® Diffusers and Absorbers. They sell 1/2 and 1/4 tubular absorbers under the name: Geometrix Absorber ... users.html

Do it Yourself Tube Audio - A Glowing Hobby
However, far more important than the room features, the added space allowed me to install a bunch of DIY pressure zone tube traps.

NOISEMASTER Sound Control Products (PROUDFOOT Company, Inc)
They sell tubular absorbers under the name Resonator sound absorbers. And give absorption values which sound much more realistic than many others (depends on measurement method). ... sonatr.htm
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