sound absorption products

Links to some special acoustic products and their producers/patent owners/designers as diffusers, absorbers etc. Being in this folder doesn't represent any quality judgment, only a collection of links. Meant as an oversight or to get creative ideas. Also included: Suppliers for specialized insulation, vibration, flooting floors etc

sound absorption products

Postby drnelson » Fri Feb 06, 2004 6:03 am

Auralex Acoustics, a leading provider of acoustical control products

Produces acoustic foam, diffusers, floors isolators, as well as supplies hard to find items like mineral fiber panels rc channel and more.
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Postby drnelson » Fri Feb 06, 2004 6:05 am

Acoustical Solutiosn offers a complete line of sound control and noise reduction products for use in all types of applications, such as broadcast and recording, teleconferencing and distance learning, industrial noise control, architectural acoustics, and residential noise issues.
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Postby drnelson » Fri Feb 06, 2004 6:15 am

Owens Corning - If you want to reduce noise, improve sound performance, or both, Owens Corning can help. Our wide range of acoustical products offer innovative, customized solutions to meet your needs in the residential, commercial or industrial market. ... index2.asp ... acoustics/ ... ?product=1
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Postby Dan Nelson » Thu Mar 11, 2004 3:42 am

illbruck - Sonex - Melamine - Willtec
Illbruck acoustic foam products

ASC (Acoustic Sciences Corporation)
Makers of the Tube Trap

ASC (Acoustic Sciences Corporation)
Makers of soundproofing systems

AVL Systems, Inc
Specialists in: acoustic panels,acoustic wall panels, sound masking, sound control, noise control and noise reduction systems. AVL Systems merges today's accoustical wall panel, diffuser and ceiling system designs with tomorrow's technologies, catalyzing the continued creation of new and innovative AVL Systems Products.

CUSTOMFOAMS British foam sculpturer.
Custom Foams is the UK's leading converter of technical flexible foam products, supplying industries which include: Automotive, Electronics, Domestic Appliances, Defence, Medical, Audio, Heating , Ventilation

Concrete Masonry
Concrete Masonry Block Types: Sound Cell (Sound Absorbing Block)
Custom Audio Designs
Domestic Soundproofing - Soundproofing Materials - Soundproofing Products - Acoustic Supplies. ADVANTAGE: it includes detailed pricelists. ... frmset.htm

Echo Busters Decorative Acoustical Room Treatments
Echo Busters improve the acoustics in your room, creating a truly realistic soundstage. Echo Busters treat rooms effectively, inexpensively and, best of all, decoratively. Echo Busters products are easy to use and install.

FAR (Fundamental Acoustic Research)
Thanks to neutral sonic qualities and professional manufacturing process, FAR products are since 1995 used in the highest professional recording places. They also sell acoustic panels, corner traps etc.

A foam fabricating and fabricators directory including foamed plastics, foam fabrication, foam plastic, cushioning, and closed cell foam, as well as polyethylene foam, and polyurethane foam.
A general foam on-line store supplier. Each foam can be cut into square, rectangular, wedge, triangular, or cylindrical shapes, to your custom dimensions. They have as well flat as egg-crate pattern sheets.

KINETICS Noise Control
Vibration Isolation, Noise Control, Room Acoustics

Noise-Busters acoustical products
Products are grouped by category. Some if not all products in each category may overlap into other categories. If you cannot find the product you are looking for; call, write or E-mail us and describe what you need. If we do not have the product currently available, we may be able to point you toward a distributor or manufacturer who can supply what you need. Many distributors and some manufacturers of specialty acoustical products are not currently available on the internet.

Owens Corning Acoustic Systems
A complete system that uses QuietZone® acoustic products to manage sound and control noise + A complete system of acoustic products to literally tune a room for the most authentic sound possible.

RPG Diffusor systems
Offers a wide range of absorbing and diffusing products

Snowcrash Swedish diffusers/absorption tiles.
Msg 4367: The Soundwave range of sculptural wall panels combines functionality and aesthetics and is specifically designed to enhance the acoustic properties
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