An exciting new acoustics manufacturer

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An exciting new acoustics manufacturer

Postby srlaudio » Sat Jul 29, 2006 12:38 pm

Our company, which has a long history of recording studio design, has evolved our own line of bass traps, absorption modules, and true Schroeder diffusers.  There are pictures of Precept Ministries, a Production Facility in Chattanooga that we completely transformed three control rooms and a studio.  We recently completed acoustical treatment of Streeterville Music, a Nashville based production company, and pictures as well as product information will be added soon to our website:  We have decided to use NO FOAM, NO FIBERGLAS, and to cover all products with Guilford of Maine grillcloth.  The attention to detail is greater than or equal to ANYTHING on the market and we are excited to spread the word and share this technology. :D
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