Some common Materials (e.g. fiberglass, rockwool, fabric, Gl

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Some common Materials (e.g. fiberglass, rockwool, fabric, Gl

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Some common Materials (e.g. fiberglass, rockwool, fabric, Glass etc.)

Fabric to cover gobos, walls and so on
This folders collects some interesting links. This does not mean that there aren't others with equal quality or prices.

    ACOUSTONE Grill Cloth (Fabrics)
    Msg 4361: Acoustone Fabrics are designed for acoustical panels, wall treatments and ceilings. Acoustone's "transparency" to sound makes it ideal as a covering for speakers. Or, apply Acoustone to a wall or any surface that can absorb sound.

    BLANKS - Marylands largest Fabric Center
    Msg 4822: Blanks Fabrics - Maryland's largest fabric center since 1904 offers to all home sewers, quilters and craft makers its service for tracking down those hard to find fabrics and textiles from around the world. Blanks stocks thousands and thousands of fabrics for fashion wear, quilting, bridal, costuming, set design and home furnishings

    FLAME SEAL products

    Fabric Gallery On-Line Store
    Msg 4285: Lots of choises/colors Burlap + lots of other Fabrics

    Flame retardant products (liquids, coatings, etc.)
    Msg 4344: SFoster - This firm has product lines for either natural or synthetic fabrics. About $30 a gallon = 300 sf or less than $1 per yard.

    INTERFACE Fabriks Group: Guilford of Maine's products
    Msg 4218: Acoustical Options Fabrics; Professional fabrics with improved or special flamability/fire properties ... n=products

    Melded Fabrics North America
    Wall Covering textiles from Melded Fabrics are a fashionable complement to any interior design. Thoroughly tested to meet key flammability, acoustic and durability standards. ... d=1&Key=wc

Laminated Glass - Windows + some related info/articles
Some Major producers in this field (includes acoustic data), Links lists to suppliers and glass related articles. The articles give a good idea about the mass-spring and coincidence related to windows.

Mineral wool products (glassfibre, rock & bazalt wool)
This covers Links to mineral wool producers and often suggested products. This does not mean there aren't others with equal prices and qualities.

    CertainTeed Corporation (a Saint-Gobain company)
    Certainteed is a doughter company of the Saint-Gobain group (one of Europ largest insulation and glass producers, over 175000 employees)

    Gives some dimensional info for standard glassfiber products

    How glassfibre and rockwool is made
    This link just shows some simple pictures, how glassfibre and rockwool are produced. ... rubrique=1

    ISOVER glassfibre
    One of the largest European glassfibre producers belonging to the Saint-Gobain group. However establishments can be found world-wide.

    ISOWOOL - The worlds leading Acousic & Thermal insulation
    A British producer (joint venture between Isover, the insulation division of Saint-Gobain and British Gypsum.

    List of North American Mineral Wool producers
    NAIMA is a trade association of North American manufacturers of fiber glass, rock wool, and slag wool insulation products. NAIMA members manufacture the vast majority of fiber glass, rock and slag wool insulations produced and used in North America.

    Owens Corning 700 Series Insulation
    Probably the most referred product line in this Email list, including the panels 702, 703, 704 and 705. ... &System=83

    Owens Corning Acoustic Systems
    Note: link does not belong here, but kept with other Owens Corning Links. QuietZone® acoustic products to manage sound and control noise + System of acoustic products to literally tune a room for the most authentic sound possible.

    Owens Corning Pipe Insulation 1200
    A tipical material to make optimum tubular (1/1, 1/2, 1/4 tube) absorbers. Using them in tri- or two-corners results in extreme high low frequent absorption. ... &System=83

    Europs (French) largest insulation and glass producer group (175000 employees in 50 countries worldwide, with more than 1000 companies). A lot of insulation material brands and Glass brands belong to this group even when you don't know it.

    TONTINE Fibres, Foam and Blankets
    Tontine is a leader in the manufacture of polyester materials for use as thermal and acoustic insulation for commercial, industrial and domestic applications. This is a typical Australian product. Looks good, certainly the blankets.

    Thermafiber SAFB
    Msg: 4284 This company, somehow connected to US Gypsum, produces the SAFB mineral wool by US Gypsum adviced as alternative for standard used very low density glassfiber, in order to get improved low-frequencie TL values (most important for music).

    What You Should Know About Insulation
    This link is a general FAQ about insulation

Other often mentioned products
The inclusion of a link in this folder does not mean that those products should be advisable or not. It only includes links to materials often discussed in the list.

Perforated Gypsum board
Perforated gypsumboard acts, dependant of the position, size, array of the holes partly as a Helmholtz resonator, partly as a broadband absorber. It can be a good solution to combine low-frequent absorption, with mid- and high frequent diffusion/scattering..

Special Coatings, Caulk etc

Studiotips: Material equivalents at the mother site
Explains some standard size conversions, and alternative names for comparable products (often geographical defined).

British Gypsum
British Gypsum produces a range of more than 1000 individual products, components and accessories, marketed under leading brand names; Gypframe, Gyproc, Glasroc , Thistle, Arteco and Isowool *, all of which provide the standards for the industry. You should study the complete site. It includes lots of data, documents and CAD drawings

Concrete Masonry
Concrete Masonry Block Types: Sound Cell (Sound Absorbing Block)

Unit Converter
While not diectly belonging to this folder, the difference between Imperial/US and Metric units as pcf versus kg/m3, can be an annoying thing. This Award winning, very good FREEWARE Unit Convertor can help a lot as a standard tool on your PC. eric
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