Mineral Wool (rock wool, slag wool, fiberglass)

This section contains valuable papers and measurement reports related to transmission loss. It includes organisations as BBC, IRC, E-A-R, etc.

Mineral Wool (rock wool, slag wool, fiberglass)

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Mineral wool is made from molten glass, stone or slag that is spun into a fiber-like structure.
Mineral wool is the collective noun covering ALL wool made of Minerals INCLUDING fiberglass.

International Associations
A lot of literature is to be found via the following sites, including all member manufacturers which cover probably all ever mentioned in Acoustics related groups.

    NAIMA is a trade association of North American (United States, Canada and Mexico) manufacturers of fiber glass, rock wool, and slag wool insulation products. NAIMA members manufacture the vast majority of fiber glass, rock and slag wool insulations produced and used in North America.
    EURIMA is the European Association of Insulation Manufacturers and represents the interests of all major mineral wool producers throughout Europe.
Health aspects of Mineral wool
In the above association links much more is referred to.
This are just some important overviews.
    To make a long story short:

      In Germany (Europe) while the whole  world was still working hard to remove any remaining  traces of ASBESTOS fiber with it's worldwide recognized cancerogene health risk (function of micro-fibers), studies were published showing somehow a similar behavior for mineral wool fiber.

      This fear spread fast all over the world.

      It even caused huge international companies to invest in R&D for alternative insulation products, preparing to take a market share.
      It's clear that a multi billion dollar business is involved.  
      While this could hurt the mineral wool manufacturing world (+ enormous costs in renovation of existing applications) it should give a boost to the existing foam insulation world, and opening alternatives for new products.
      As such the assumption that related studies could or should be influenced by lobbying in function of specific target industries must be seen in the context that comparable contradicting interests are/were involved.
      One can as valid assume that this fear for mineral wool fiber was very supportive for e.g. the foam insulation manufacturing industry.
      The lack of mineral fiber in alternative products is still often used as related marketing argument.

      A lot of independent related health risk studies since then are executed all over the world.
      The general conclusion was and still is that those assumed risks are not substantiated.

      Some people can be allergic to mineral wool, which mainly shows when working with it.
      It can be advisable to take some preventive measures during mounting or handling activities.

      No long term health effects related to Mineral Wool (fiberglass, rock or slag wool) are known.

      A problem which can occur with mineral wool is more from a technical nature:
      The raw materials mineral wools  are made off can cause the fibers to act as grinding powder on rotating parts, thereby increasing abrasion.

Fiberglass, Rock (Stone), and Slag Wool Manufacturers
This is most probably the most complete list of mineral wool producers in existence.
It does NOT include links, but otherwise complete co-ordinates.
http://www.eurima.org/downloads/Interna ... ectory.pdf

Where to buy:
Some general links:
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