Bass Trap question again

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Bass Trap question again

Postby archive » Sun Apr 11, 2004 5:11 am

From: GonÁalo Coelho <goncalo_coelho@x????xxx.xxxx
Date: Tue Dec 14, 1999 2:58 am
Subject: Bass Trap question again

Following my bass trapping thread of yesterday let me just inform everybody
that after e-mailing RPG Europe and telling them about my bass problems,
they came up with a rather cheap alternative to the RPG Bass Trap which is
the RPG ProCorner, measuring 1200x310x160 and its made up of polyflex.

After looking at its specs on their site I could tell that it has a NRC of
1.00 with an absortion coeficient of 1.17 sabins at 125hz which I think
(maybe I¥m wrong) its just about perfect because my ofending frequency lies
at 116hz.

Is anybody using the ProCorner that could tell me of its real world
I¥m not really inclined to make a bass trapping device on my own because of
my lack of time and also because I¥m not really good at DIY stuff. Lack of
confidence is also a major problem.

GonÁalo Coelho

>>I¥ve set up a new control room which measures about 2,3m (y) x 3m (x) x
Right now all surfaces are still untreated but I can already tell that
theres a serious problem around the 110hz to 120hz zone.
This modal response is obvious while listening to music as it is while
playing sine waves at different keys (resonances). Theres a considerable
increase in volume at that 115hz range and all corresponding octaves.

Of all the bass trap devices I¥ve seen the RPG Bass Trap seems to be the
most efective at the lowest part of the spectrum with an absortion
coeficient of 1.12 sabins at 80hz.

Is there anyone out there with a similar problem to mine who can share some
pratical knowledge with me? Since the RPG Bass Trap is kinda expensive I
don¥t mind spending the money if its the right (and only) solution.

Let me also point that for the price of 2 RGP Bass Traps (which is as far as
I can go) I can get 4 small-sized tube traps but its peak is situated around
200hz to 500hz, an area that I¥m thinking on treating with other materials.

GonÁalo Coelho<<
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Postby archive » Sun Apr 11, 2004 5:13 am

From: SRF7@x??
Date: Tue Dec 14, 1999 6:59 pm
Subject: Re: Bass Trap question again

Consider installing full ceiling height fabric covered 24" (60 cm) wide
panels of 4" (10 cm) thick 703 (fiberglass insulation board) or equivalent
mounted by hanging them diagonally across each of the room's corners.

Hang them so that they are suspended a couple of inches from the side walls
... should dramatically reduce your low end modes for a very low cost.

Scott R. Foster
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Postby archive » Sun Apr 11, 2004 5:13 am

From: Dan Nelson <dprimary@x??????xxxxx.xxxx
Date: Wed Dec 15, 1999 1:25 am
Subject: Re: Bass Trap question

Can you give us more information about this, I'm not familiar port absorbers. If
you have spreadsheets and drawings I can post them to the site if you wish. You
can upload them in the file area or email them to me at dan@s...
I'm sure everyone on the list is interested in them.

Dan Nelson
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