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Studio Panel Fabric

Postby archive » Sun Apr 11, 2004 5:15 am

From: "Simon Stavenuiter" <sjstav@x????
Date: Wed Dec 15, 1999 12:34 pm
Subject: Studio Panel Fabric

I just wanted to know what is fabric is used for covering acoustic panels. I
have seen recommendations for Burlap but I am having trouble locating this
product in Australia. Maybe I not looking in the right places.

Anyway another studio which I have been to has the same material as what the
use on office wall partitions/notice boards called Frontrunner which is a
fine ribbed thermally bonded nylon and polyester, 3-4mm thick weighing

I have found another material which also may be suitable which is an open
weave non reflective ? material called bunting which is what they use to
make flags out of.

Any comments?

Regards Simon

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