Chertock's window

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Chertock's window

Postby archive » Sun Apr 11, 2004 5:20 am

From: SRF7@x??
Date: Mon Dec 20, 1999 7:31 pm
Subject: Re: Chertock's window

I think he can pull off a pair of 32" wide windows provided he stays with
about 43" off the rear wall, the monitors are 63" or less apart, and he
angles them to form an equilateral triangle (60 deg.s for all three angles).
See the *.Bmp I uploaded to the site for more detail.

If you go for the 43" / 32" max, the curtain idea has an additional benefit
of tending to shield the window by provided a bundle of curtain at the near
window edge when open. You might want to use several layers of heavy fabric
offset from the wall and over running the window edge so that it can form a
ridge when open without getting into your sight lines.

If you use the 703 plug, paste an art print / poster to the back side so it
looks like a framed piece of artwork as you walk into the studio. Use a
decorative print fabric and the studio sides of the plugs can look decent too
... "Dogs Playing Poker" and a "Young Elvis" would be too excellent choices
(stick with the classics). Maybe use a bit of Velcro to hold 'em in place.

Perhaps doing both is worth the trouble??? One layer of curtain and a 1" 703
plug with decoration on each window???

My $0.02

Scott R. Foster
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Postby archive » Sun Apr 11, 2004 10:03 pm

From: Dan Nelson <dprimary@x??????xxxxx.xxxx
Date: Tue Dec 21, 1999 7:20 am
Subject: Re: Chertock's window

Scott's drawing in in the file area now. I converted it to a gif so it is
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