Guitar Booth for marshall stack 4x12 etc

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Guitar Booth for marshall stack 4x12 etc

Postby Alex Touch » Fri Jun 20, 2008 10:53 am

Hi there,
i am new here and first i wanna tell you big congratulations for this forum,it is amazing ,congratulations.

i wanna explain my situation so you can give me your golden helps.

I must build a booth where i put my amps cabs (4x12)close mics and room mics and i've no so much space so after i readed the auralex book i saw their advices about vocal booth measurements and i would ask some questions before i begin to build it.

Of course i crank up the master volume or the marshall stack with 4x12 cab doesn't play amazing so the questions are:

1)a booth with L 87.25"xW68.50"xH90.00" so in cm L222x174x229 is too small to obtain a good guitar recordings at that volume?
2)i wanna build it like  in the auralex book so a woody frame with the fiberglass inside and in the internal part resilient channels then drywall 1/2" -sheetblock-1/2"drywall again ,ok,my question is:
when i record at high volumes the structure 'll rattle or vibrate or so on?because they talk about vocal booth not guitar booth.

I let the link of the book so you can check what i am talkin about:

Also if anyone built a guitar booth like this and records at high levels ,well please let me know what i have to do 'cause i m in a deadline.

Thank you so much
play a groovy day
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Re: Guitar Booth for marshall stack 4x12 etc

Postby Boutter » Wed Aug 18, 2010 5:18 am

i have a small 9 x 14 room that i want to use as a dedicated acoustic guitar booth. it's currently wood( t&g fir) floor and plaster over plasterboard walls and ceiling. it's pretty live which is what i want. but also kind of brassy and a little harsh if you know what i mean. i know of a similar size room covered (floor/walls/ceiling) with 3/4 furniture grade plywood. this room is also very live but sounds more mellow and nicer to my ear.

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Re: Guitar Booth for marshall stack 4x12 etc

Postby Scott R. Foster » Wed Aug 18, 2010 9:52 am


Forget about "room mics" in small spaces, buy a nice reverb plug-in or rack mount processor instead. For good room mic signal you need a good room, and good rooms are not small.

If your goal is simply to record electric guitar in isolation, there is no need to build a booth. For that purpose in a small studio I'd build a guitar cab isolation box... ... lation+box

Using all the money you save versus building a full fledged "booth", you could afford to buy a really nice speaker and [Alnico Blue - Vintage JBL's - etcetera] and perhaps an interesting mic or two to add to yoru collection

I'd build a very stiff & massive box with casters [it'd be a roll around amp stand when not in use as a speaker box] - line it liberally with mineral fiber - and give it a clamp on lid with airtight seal so I could change microphones and how they were positioned/aimed.

and post pics or it didn't happen!
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