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Eric's Calculators & Files – origin: www.acoustics-noise

Postby Eric.Desart » Sun Jan 30, 2005 2:04 pm

On request I temporary upload some of my files here (my site doesn't work)

The same Copyright conditions apply as described on my site:
Reverse engineering strict forbidden.
There you can find more explenation about those files too.

Note that those Excel Files are designed for and in Windows.
Some will maybe work on a MAC, but the most extensive don't.
Also problems are reported when people used them in Open Source.
Making them work on all systems is a complicated business.
MAC has an other way to handle graphics and dialog windows (and partly programming code).
The in-depth differences between those systems and the resulting influence are hardly documented, making it difficult to take corrective actions.
The designer has no specific preference or aversion against whatever system, he is just mainly active in a world were Windows dominates.

Not included in the downloads below (download it via this link) is:
Room Modes and Reverberation Time Calculator
This is a very Graphical MS Excel file, allowing to have a good overview of the different types of modes.

Analysis ToolPak Translator 7.0 aka ATPT 7.0
more info (not download)
I added a typical MS Excel for Windows Tool below, which isn't directly acoustics.
MS Excel (even the latest editions) counts 93 worksheet functions (ca 30%) which are language sensitive (Analysis Toolpak).
This tool makes such files usable in 11 Western Main language versions of Excel.
Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese PTG, Spanish, Swedish.
An example of such a File is the Chris Whealy acoustics file to calculate different types of absorption.
The condition however is that the sheets containing such functions are not protected.
The designer is rather proud to say that this is probably the only Tool in existance capable of automatically solving this MS Excel problem.  Even the (expensive) Multi-language MS Office editions still have trouble with this.

What happened with this site? Look here:

Some valuable links To check Transmission Loss of Walls:
  • The Excel file below:  AcousticSelector03
    This File includes > 50 Boral (Australien)
  • The Excel file below:  MSMresonance03
  • Excel calculation file USNorms3
    Download see further down
  • The BBC File:
  • The TL trial program:

Best Regards
Eric Desart
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